WatermelonsThis week, the first delivery of fresh watermelons was made to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Watermelons are an early indication of the first days of summer being near, as well as a favorite of adults and children alike.

And speaking of children, five-year-old Mary Kate Stills spotted the juicy melons almost immediately upon her arrival at the market recently. She soon had selected her pick of the ripest melon and turned to her grandmother, Jean Linton Roberts, for the $4 purchase price.

“That watermelon is too heavy for you,” Mrs. Roberts gently observed, but Mary Kate gleefully assured her, “I can carry it!”

After a few moments’ effort, however, Mary Kate allowed a peer to carry the melon to her vehicle. Here’s to teamwork! Mary Kate left with a broad smile on her face, and we imagine that her chosen melon was barely home before a perfect red slice was held in sticky hands!

Thanks, Mary Kate, for reminding us that summer is almost here.

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