New greenhouse


You’ve been hearing about our latest construction project at Perry Wellness Center for several months now, and we’re happy to report the project is completed!

Our beautiful new greenhouse, designed by Jeff Williams, incorporates both vintage and European influences. Recognizing that mental illness is a worldwide problem, Jeff chose European design elements to create a more universal design. For example, the spire designs on top of the greenhouse are a reminder of the lightning rods on cathedrals throughout Europe. Faux-stained glass windows also call back to centuries-old religious structures.

As for the vintage influences, they consist of dozens of recycled windows. When we see the light streaming through vintage, wavery-glassed panes, they remind us of days gone by. But more importantly, they remind us of the generosity of the community in which we live. Each window pane was donated by an area citizen or business, after Perry Wellness Center put out a call for donations.

“The Americus community heard our appeal for gently used windows,” Jeff noted. “The visual design of the walls of the building was fun since not all of the gifts were the same.” But the varied sizes and styles came together under Jeff’s oversight like a carefully fitted puzzle.

We also received donations of other materials, including wood from Mathews Pallets in Ellaville, Georgia. We turned their donation into potting and display tables.

“This was a fun project,” Jeff noted. “Building materials can sometimes be difficult with community donations. Not this time! Supportive citizens quickly offered windows and wood.”

If you’re out near Rees Park, please drive by and see our new greenhouse. We’re proud of Jeff and his team’s work, and we hope that you are proud of the contributions this community made. Jeff put it best: “This building is our tribute to the citizens of Americus.”

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