Edward ThomasWe’ve told you a little bit about Edward Thomas before, but here are a few things you may not know:

  1. Edward and Stuart Perry go WAY back. Edward has been with! Perry Wellness Center or the Tom Perry Peer Center for over 15 years! “It is fun to have been here to witness the growth and changes in the programs,” he says.
  2. Edward has a nickname that is out of this world. Friends and acquaintances know this gentlemen by the initials of his name – E.T.!
  3. Edward knows that you are only as young as you feel. At 67 years of age, E.T. shows no signs of slowing down as he works on his various tasks around the center.
  4. E.T. is an organizational genius! At Perry Wellness Center, he is responbiel for maintaining the physical appearance of the campus. To do so, he organizes teams of peers to assist with everything from painting to building maintenance to overall campus cleanliness.
  5. Edward enjoys the great outdoors. On even the warmest days, E.T. is ready to leave the air-conditioned buildings at the center and venture outside to water plants or check on outdoor maintenance needs. In the photo above, he directs a sprinkler in Hope Park for maximum benefit.

We’re happy to have Edward Thomas as part of our team at Perry Wellness Center, and glad that is also happy to be here. “Stuart has been good to me,” E.T. explains, “And I have enjoyed my times with him.” E.T., we’re sure the feeling is mutual!

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