Jeanette WilliamsJeanette Williams has been a faithful member of our program since the beginning of Tom Perry Peer Center and its growth into Perry Wellness Center. Currently she serves as a cook and kitchen maintenance peer in the center’s cafeteria.

“I really do enjoy cooking,” she explains. “It is fun to create and serve good and different foods at Perry Wellness Center.”

But cooking is not her only enjoyment. As a hobby, Jeanette works on her painting skills after the busy periods of food preparation. “After I finish in the kitchen and all of the peers are fed, I love to come out and plan my next small painting,” she notes. “It is like therapy for me, and I enjoy giving these paintings as gifts to my friends and family.”

Jeanette usually works with acrylics, but was encouraged to try oil painting as well. She has considered the pros and cons of different paint media, explaining, “I like acrylic painting. It is fast and dries quickly. You can work longer with oil, but it takes time for it to dry.” Sounds like a true professional at work!

We’re glad that individuals at the center are able to pursue a variety of life skills, from practical cooking tasks to fine art. Thanks to Jeanette Williams for sharing her many talents with us.

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