Helping Hands FountainWhen visitors tour the bustling campus of Perry Wellness Center, they are struck by the many pockets of tranquility amidst the busy activities of the recovery center. From a hillside koi fish pond to shading arbors and a winding rock creek, most of the outdoor designs were both conceived and executed by staff member and creative artist Jeff Williams.

The award-winning artist most recently completed the design of a “Helping Hand” fountain, which is adjacent to the campus’ most recent greenhouse addition. The unique fountain, in the shape of an outstretched hand, provides a message of hope for individuals with behavioral health difficulties.

“At Perry Wellness Center, we strive to help peers and others in their pursuit of happiness in life,” Jeff explains. “It can be a challenge some days, but I used this hand to remind all of us of the outreached hand of help for all staff and peers at the center.”

Jeff’s campus designs incorporate the philosophy that mental illness is a problem throughout the world and can affect anyone. One of Jeff’s goals is to increase the awareness of mental illness as a global problem—but one that can be helped.

“We must all become more aware of our potential help in the world,” Jeff says. “We can lend a smile, a positive comment, or a ‘helping hand’ to those we meet.”

In the above photo, Jeff Williams directs the flow of water in his latest fountain creation.

Here, Jeff directs the water flow in his latest fountain creation, "A Helping Hand."

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