Pea shellerEarlier this week we told you about how we are marketing our shelled peas and bean with vendors throughout southwest Georgia. To keep up with the demand for fresh legumes, we rely on a large barrel sheller, which we’ve just cleaned for the season. In addition to the many folks who help out with shelling by hand, the mechanized barrel sheller allows for a high volume of activity during our peak season. As Mary shows in the photo, the barrel sheller can produce a vessel filled with shelled beans or peas – in this case, black-eyed peas fresh from the garden.

“I love pea and butter bean season,” Stuart Perry says. “It is one of the few times that all of us, peers and staff, are on a single mission -- to provide fresh, Southern produce for our increasing customer base. It is good when a plan comes together!”

At Happy Patch Market, the peas and beans join our site-grown tomatoes, which are being harvested from peer-maintained raised beds. Customers are invited to browse the market, greenhouses, and other produce areas for the best selections of fresh produce.

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