Christmas tomatoesWe’ve told you before about peer Kenneth Christmas’ talents as a cook. But we have learned another skill Kenneth has – master tomato picker!

During planting season this year, scores of tomato plants were bought and planted throughout the extensive gardening areas on our campus. Planting pots were also filled with fertile soil to house more tomatoes. As the mature plants have ripened, an early morning task on campus has become tomato picking. Kenneth Christmas has already gathered approximately 150 tomatoes.

“I guess with the rain and hot temperatures, tomatoes will become abundant and need additional picking,” Kenneth notes, as he prepares for more days of the early morning task. But he’s not complaining: “This is fun – to see the ‘fruits of our efforts’ at Perry Wellness Center.”

Phyllis Smith is impressed, particularly with peers’ efforts in growing their own planting beds “It is really a great year for tomatoes,” she says. “Peers are enjoying their personal raised beds. This project has been a great learning experience.”

And for Kenneth Christmas, it has been an opportunity to step out of the kitchen and enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting a bumper crop!

In the photo above, Kenneth Christmas fills his fifth container with ripe tomatoes.

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