Pin the Pea on StuartEarlier this week we told you about the trip several of our staff and peers made to St. Simons Island, Georgia. There, they attended the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network annual conference, where health and fitness workshops were provided by PWC founder Stuart Perry.

As most of the peers and staff could not head to the coast, however, we decided to bring the coast to Perry Wellness Center. And not just any coast – but the balmy shores of Hawaii, as we held a special Aloha Day on campus.

Food for the day was authentic island traditional, the bright décor reflected our island state’s cheery colors, and the activities were suitably festive. A tropical karaoke event was a highlight of the days’ activities.

At the close of the day, Amanda Perry shared, “Our planning seemed to work. We wanted to let the peers who did not travel to St. Simons realize that we could have our own celebration.”

One of the more popular activities was “Pin the Pea on Stuart.” Stuart Perry’s enthusiasm about pea shelling and sales at the market has been so vocal that he has been informally given the unlikely nickname of “Pea Man.” A poster featuring Stuart’s smiling face invited participants to mount a pea cutout on a Velcro strip.

In the above photo, peers Paul and Awan Pin the Pea on Stuart during a uniquely festive day on campus.

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