Silas BushWe enjoy seeing all our visitors to the Perry Wellness Center campus and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. But we have to confess that some visitors are just a little extra special, whether because of their great support of our mission or the extra cheer they bring.

One such visitor is Mr. Silas Bush, a well-known local businessman. A native of Americus, Mr. Silas worked in the Atlanta area for several years, representing dairy services for the Georgia Extension Services. When he returned to Americus, he established a retail/wholesale franchise for Texaco and operated this business for 25 years.

For the last quarter of a century, he has also represented Woodmen of the World in our community. Among other duties, he presents and displays American flags to area non-profit organizations. Perry Wellness Center proudly flies one such flag.

On a recent visit to Happy Patch Market to select tomatoes and watermelon, Mr. Silas stopped to talk with staffer Mulkey McMichael, who once taught two of his sons, Mitch and Brink Bush, at Americus High School. The two caught up on their recent activities, as well as those of his third son, a Dean’s List student and recent college graduate. His two older sons are talented musicians – Brink is a concert organist in Massachusetts, while Mitch is an Episcopal Church organist who is also responsible for three church choirs. Silas Bush and his wife enjoy traveling to attend concerts of their sons.

“It is fun to see other sights as we travel to enjoy the talents of Mitch and Brink,” he noted. On this recent visit, he shared newspapers and brochures of stops along the way on their most recent journey to Rochester, New York.

 “I guess you realize that I am proud of my family,” Mr. Silas acknowledged with a smile. “But It is great to get back home and continue my community involvement.”

In addition to his love of family and community, he offers ongoing support to the efforts of our center. When asked about his reasons for such support, he commented, “I have known Stuart Perry for decades and believe in his mission of helping others.” He added, “I like visiting Happy Patch Market.” He always sees people he knows, shares family stories, and finds the best fresh produce to take home.

Thank you, Silas Bush, for your continuing support of our program and for the example you have set as a business leader, family man, and community worker.

In the above photo, Silas Bush selects sandwich-sized tomatoes for a future lunch, along with a late-crop watermelon.

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