Sarah Cobb pumpkinsOur local Sarah Cobb Elementary School and Perry Wellness Center have enjoyed a sort of partnership for years. From literacy efforts to quarterly recycling of used ink cartridges, the two organizations have worked together toward improving educational opportunities.

Recently, Sarah Cobb principal Barbara Watford contacted us about a bit of retail assistance: dozens of mini-pumpkins! Sarah Cobb and other Sumter County Schools had received electronic notification of our extensive selection of harvest vegetables and decorations at our fall market.

Aware of the recent delivery of gourds, mums, pumpkins, display pine and hay, and fresh corn stalks, Principal Watford decided to purchase a “kid-size” pumpkins for each student in the school’s Pre-K and Kindergarten classes.

“I thought a small pumpkin would be a great reminder of the season,” Mrs. Watford explained. “We have some fall and harvest events happening at Sarah Cobb Elementary, and this pumpkin would be a great reminder for all of us.”

Perry Wellness Center staffer Mulkey McMichael enjoyed helping with the project and appreciates the seasonal turn at the market. “The fall of the year is a welcome relief from the heat of summer,” he acknowledged. “Happy Patch Market offers extensive decorating ideas, and we have many unique and exciting fall vegetables to offer.” Young Sarah Cobb students will be enjoy their own sample of fall bounty with their individual pumpkins.

In the photo above, Principal Barbara Watford, left, and Mrs. Jadedra Gilmore, right, work with students Zanaiya Coley, Nehemiah Barker, Jy’Keriah Robinson, Desiree Johnson, and Ja’Kayla Floyd to count and separate enough small pumpkins for the Sarah Cobb Elementary School Pre-K and Kindergarten classes.

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