Brandon ThomasSeveral weeks ago, one of our dedicated peers expressed a desire to learn how he could help others in times of emergencies or trauma. Brandon Thomas decided to visit the offices of Americus Fire and Rescue to learn about training requirements to become a certified fire and rescue volunteer.

Brandon has followed up on his dream, attending many work sessions, and he now knows the procedures for first responding and safety for those at a fire site. Stuart Perry was impressed with Brandon’s efforts, and after praising him for his efforts, he arranged for Brandon to share some of his training with other peers.

For the training group, Brandon first demonstrated how to wear his new volunteer fire-fighter suit and explained each component of the outfit and gear. He told peers and staff of the need to be systematic in putting on the suit, making sure everything is fastened and in place.

“It is very important that we learn the procedure for early response to a fire,” Brandon explained. “If you are the first truck to arrive, there are things you must do to be sure that there is no one in the structure.” The new volunteer also discussed the need for personal safety: “If you are there on the scene to help others, you must be sure that you are personally protected and safe for the dangerous conditions.” He reviewed early warnings of potential dangers at a trauma site.

Brandon closed his presentation by encouraging other peers to join him in becoming a certified fire and rescue volunteer. Whatever their personal choices, we commend Brandon for demonstrating how to achieve one’s dream.

In the photo, Brandon Thomas shares his complete fire fighting suit with other peers.

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