Pop top updateIt’s time for an update on the story of peer Kaylon Holt’s efforts to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, Georgia. We’ve told you about his collecting of aluminum can pop tops that can be redeemed for donations. Kaylon first began gathering these tabs to help a friend whose father had cancer. After the gentleman passed away, Kaylon wanted to put 900 pop tops to use. After getting ideas from staff member Jeff Williams, Kaylon decided on the Ronald McDonald House, where families of children with cancer can stay while their loved ones are receiving treatment.

Since making this decision, Kaylon has increased his collection network. With assistance from both staff and peers, he has personalized and placed collection bottles in locations in Americus as well as Marion and Schley Counties.

Recently, staff member Mulkey McMichael visited Morgan’s Grocery in Tazewell, Georgia. To his amazement, Mulkey found that two of the largest collection bottles were filled with pop tops. Mulkey transferred the bottles to Perry Wellness Center and promised the store additional bottles.

“Kaylon’s goal for this collection is 20,000 by Christmas, 2014,” Mulkey explained. “With the involvement of citizens in three counties, I think Kaylon will reach and exceed his goal.”

Two nursing students from Georgia Southwestern State University have also lent a hand and engaged others in the nursing department. They both offer accolades for the young man.

“I went to school with Kaylon in Schley County,” notes Kenneth Sartwell. “He is a unique and kind guy. I am excited about his ‘pop top’ collection. We are helping him in our nursing department at GSW.”

Also assisting is Miriam Rodriquez, a 2011 graduate of Peach County High School, who says, “It is exciting to see such progress in mental health issues at Perry Wellness Center. Our friends who have already visited shared that this would be an exciting visit for us. They were right!”

Both senior nursing students are visiting Perry Wellness Center as part of their community rotations.

In the photo, Mariam Rodriguez, left, Kaylon Holt, and Kenneth Sartwell admire Kaylon’s current collection of pop tops for later delivery to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus.

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