Greenhouse irrigationAs the campus of Perry Wellness Center has expanded with the completion of a total of five greenhouses, the last completed structure is now being automated with aerial water sprinklers. Reliance upon greenhouses year-round calls for the most efficient and dependable irrigation system possible.

“We can never predict the heat of spring and summer, but our growing plant inventory demands increased and more routine watering,” Stuart Perry explains.

The right type of irrigation is particularly important in dedicated hanging basket greenhouses, where delicate leaves and blossoms need proper, but gentle, misting. Greenhouse rafters are mounted with water supply tubing, then sprinkler heads are attached at planned intervals in order to provide radiant mist for hanging plants.

As always, peers work side by side with staff in the completion of such technical tasks. In the photo above, Michael Harper demonstrates his skills, inserting sprinkler heads in the water supply line within the latest hanging basket greenhouse.

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