PinataAs part of learning about other cultures and exploring creative projects, peers and staff recently constructed and filled its own Mexican piñatas.

A total of four, large balloon-shaped piñata were created and covered with papier mâché. When dried, the piñatas were filled with a variety of candies and small gifts native to Mexico.

Breaking open the piñatas became an enjoyable competition, with the winning peer promised the hidden treats. Each peer group selected a number for its attempt, and the corresponding number was marked by a pool ball on an adjacent table. The peer who stood closest to the numbered ball was selected to spin ten times, then reach for the colorful package with a pool cue.

Several peers approached one of the four bags, but the last participating peer, Jeffrey, finally made a direct hit. Jeffrey chose to share the piñata’s contents with other peers who participated in the competition, before filling his own pockets for his ride home.

In addition to a display of friendly competition and teamwork, the piñata project provided an entertaining look at another culture’s games – and giving it an American twist with the introduction of pool!

Thanks to all who participated. In the photo above, Jeffrey hits the mark on his third swing at the piñata.

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