Nokia RhoneAs the Christmas gift giving season nears, many peers at Perry Wellness Center are combining their love of creative expression with the opportunity for selling handmade crafts at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. As one example, peers have been crafting wooden and cement engravings for sale at the winter market.

Now, peer Nakia Rhone has created a unique, warm winter yarn project that can be custom-designed for a customer. The hand-woven scarves are based on a design she first saw on Facebook.

“When I saw the completed project, I said, ‘I can do that,’” Nakia explains. “Each scarf takes me about 45 minutes to complete. They are fun to make, because I know that they are endless. We tie the last yarn together to make them appear as an endless stream of yarn.” From this design feature comes the project’s name, “The Infinite Scarf.” In just a few weeks, Nakia has already designed and created five gifts for friends and family.

 Each project is created from two skeins of SuperBulk, Lion Brand yarn, available locally at WalMart. Customers must provide the designated yarn in the colors of their choice and deliver to Perry Wellness Center for completion. The cost for each hand-woven scarf is $12.

“These endless scarves make great Christmas gifts," staff member Phyllis Smith notes. “Many staff members are reserving Nakia’s time before the holidays.”

In the photo above, Nakia demonstrates her construction of a  hand-woven yarn design.

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