toboggan capPerry Wellness Center is filled with moments for pursuing personal hobbies and creative endeavors, and at no time is this more true than during the holidays. Right now, many of our peers are in a flurry of holiday activity, executing yarn hangings, creating colorful scarves, pursuing art work and woodworking activities, and knitting winter hats. Many of these items will be for sale at the Happy Patch winter market or under the tree for a lucky family member.

One peer has now followed through on a creative promise that she made to another other last year – it’s good that they both have such long memories! In 2013, Mrs. Daisy Bell promised Michelle Maness that she would knit her a colorful toboggan hat to wear on colder days. Since she made this promise, Mrs. Bell has been patiently bettering her knitting skills.

This past week, Daisy Bell began the task of knitting the new hat. Today, she surprised Michelle with the handmade gift. Michelle’s appreciation could not have been greater.

“This is beautiful and in time for the holidays,” Michelle noted, touched at the gift. “Thanks, Mrs. Bell, for your time and talent.”

After she tied the final knot in the hat’s colorful thread, Mrs. Bell shared another surprise – she will make other toboggan hats to place in the Happy Patch Market. Now one supportive peer’s promise to a friend has led to new creative and market opportunities for this budding artisan and future customers.

In the photo above, Michelle Mannis, left, thanks Daisy Bell for the gift of a  hand-knitted toboggan hat.

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