2015 New YearsSo how did it get to be the end of 2014 already? As you get ready to celebrate in grand fashion this evening or spend a quiet New Years Eve at home with loved ones, chances are you may give some thought to your new year’s resolutions for 2015.

Most of us at least go through the motions of making resolutions, but up to 80% of us don’t follow through successfully. Whatever you call them, resolutions are just goals for the coming years that help us set priorities for making improvements in our lives. At Perry Wellness Center, we talk about W.H.A.M. plans, W.R.A.P.S., and treatment goals. These are other ways of talking about resolutions, whatever time of year they are set. In the recovery community, we find that such planning gives better focus to our lives and really helps move us toward a total wellness program.

Sometimes it’s a matter of making the right resolutions or goals, and sometimes it’s a matter of finding the best ways to stick to them and not get discouraged. To provide a little inspiration as we move into the new year, we thought we’d share links to a couple of great articles on these topics.

The first comes from a helpful mental health site in Great Britain! The Mental Health Foundation provides a variety of mental health resource information, including podcasts, stress tests, and other materials. In an article, “New Years Resolutions, the foundation offers tips on how to stick to your resolutions. It’s seven tips:

    • Be realistic
    • Plan ahead
    • Develop a support network
    • Measure your successes
    • Reward yourself
    • Treat failures as small setbacks
    • Make your resolutions sticks

Go to the link above for a description of each tip. They are all common-sense and relevant.

The second article, 2015 Journey to Whole Health: 3 Steps to Last New Year’s Resolutions,” is by Tasneem Bhatia, M.D., a whole-health expert who offers suggestions on three areas that should be the focus of your new years resolutions. Her three steps include:

    • Resolve to change your mind. Bhatia offers ways to gain mental peace and build mental endurance.
    • Resolve to change your energy. Battling energy drains makes it difficult to stick to any resolutions. Incorporate ways to build physical stamina and reduce fatigue into your overall plan.
    • Resolve to change your belly. The importance of healthy eating can’t be overstressed in any total wellness program. Bhatia focuses on digestive improvements as a key to better health.

Go the link for the full article above for more detailed information strategies ranging from keeping a journal to having a “daily detox.”

And remember that meeting each resolution every single day of the new year is not as important as having a direction and focus for the improvements you wish to make in your life. A few simple resolutions and a bit of motivation will have you off to a great start for 2015.

Happy New Year!!

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