Annie Ruth ThomasOn a daily basis, the Perry Wellness Center cafeteria is a major activity hub. Each morning and midday, up to 77 hungry peers walk through its doors, looking for a tasty meal. The challenge for PWC’s culinary staff is to provide food that is both delicious and nutritious. Most peers’ wellness plans call for healthier eating, so consideration must be given to everything from calorie counts to sodium levels when planning menus.

The mealtime challenge is increased during winter months, and particularly with the recent drastic dip in temperatures. While it might be tempting for kitchen staff to provide the most quickly prepared menu, cafeteria selections include hot food on a daily basis.

The challenge:

    1. Tasty meals that people look forward to eating.
    2. Nutritious meals that promote healthy eating.
    3. Meals that provide warmth and energy.

Observation and peer feedback tell us that the challenge is being met, thanks to our large, state-of-the-art kitchen and professionally trained culinary staff. Our large inventory of frozen produce from Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, along with winter vegetables grown on the premises, doesn’t hurt!

These days, a favorite lunch item is a piping hot stir-fry. Even its preparation promotes teamwork, and a changing array of locally grown vegetables makes for a versatile, delicious, and economical dish.

Ms. Annie Ruth Thomas is one of the proud cafeteria workers at Perry Wellness Center. She has attended the program for ten years and served on the culinary staff for four. In the above photo, she prepares a pan of stir-fry vegetables for lunch in the cafeteria. Bon appétit!

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