Jaleisa WilliamsAs you’ve probably gathered from recent posts, things are really hoppin’ at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

Most of our remaining winter produce has been frozen for later use in the Perry Wellness Center cafeteria. In their place is a wide selection of spring vegetables, houseplants, and outdoor décor.

“We are pleased about the early activity of our market,” noted market manager Phyllis Smith. “Ferns and other plants have found new homes, and produce is filling our display bins.” She points out one of the most items. “We have sold out of cedar carpenter bee traps, and 24 more are on the way.”

PWC founder Stuart Perry keeps close track of customer trends and interests and has stepped up his review of produce and plant providers with the best prices in the area. “We do want to provide diverse products at the best prices,” he explains. As one example of attention to customer needs, Stuart also notes, “We are aware that more and more people are turning to vegetarian diets, and we want to make vegetarian choices (such as fresh vegetables) available to these individuals.”

As the market expands, staff and peers ensure it is an attractive destination for customers, with clean display areas, fresh produce, and inviting presentations.

In the above photo, peer Jaleisa Williams spring cleans glasses and racks in one of the market’s several coolers.

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