vouchersEligible customers at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market can now take advantage of voucher coupons to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables. Funded by a grant obtained by Southwest Georgia Health Care in Richland, the Fruit & Vegetable Coupon program issues $20 vouchers to promote healthier eating and a greater appreciation for and awareness of the nutritional value of fresh produce. The program was designed to fight obesity in children, and the vouchers are distributed each month to parents of qualifying children. The vouchers can be obtained through local physicians or by attending a monthly educational program offered by Sumter County Family Connections.

“Voucher redemption has been active,” says market manager Phyllis Smith. “It is a great program for all who are involved, and it gives us a time to remind others about the nutritional value of good food.”

In the above photo, Rhonda Hubbard, left, campus guide and market assistant, helps customer Tameka Lumpkin as she selects fresh produce from Rudy’s Happy Patch Market display bins and redeems a fruit and vegetable coupon.

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