You’ve heard about the knitting, crocheting, and weaving talents of our own Laurie Laurie SlatonSlaton (Hildreth). But when she’s not creating news designs with her loom or crochet needles, Laurie enjoys improving another skill – computer gaming!

At first, this pastime may not sound as worthwhile as needlework, but Laurie finds that playing games on the computer is both relaxing and challenging. During breaks and free time at Perry Wellness Center, Laurie is often found in front of an available computer screen.

“I enjoy a change and like the challenge of computer games,” Laurie explains. “I win sometimes, and Solitaire is my favorite challenge.”

While Laurie is a talented needle worker and gamer, she is the first to say that her religious faith is her first priority. On campus, she is as known for her strong religious faith as she is for her many talents, and she often leads in prayer and food blessings at Perry Wellness Center.

“I do believe in God,” Laurie says. “He has been good to me in the recent loss of my mother. I know I will see her again one day.”

In the photo, Laurie Slaton begins a game of solitaire at a classroom computer desk.

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