Plant maintenanceOur outdoor spaces at Perry Wellness Center continue to grow, as a fourth greenhouse and arbor have been completed. They will accommodate some of our large inventory of hanging baskets, roses, and bedding plants.

With the growing inventory comes additional plant maintenance. One of the most demanding tasks, however, has been lessened with the use of irrigation systems.

Most of our existing greenhouses have single drip systems installed. Plans are in the works for installing this proven system for each plant, whether in a greenhouse or in the plant arbor.

Market manager Phyllis Smith explains, “With this system, the hot weather still requires us to pull hoses and water other plants, but not in these spaces.” In addition to watering, maintenance tasks include the removal of spent leaves and blooms, in order to encourage additional growth and blooming.

In the photo above, Jaleisa Williams and Grover Thornton work on plant maintenance beneath the shading arbor. Thanks to our dedicated peers who keep our campus blooming!

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