Adventist services 2015Each month, the peers at Perry Wellness Center look forward to seeing a special delivery truck pull into the driveway. It marks the monthly delivery of food from the Adventist Community Services of South Georgia. As part of the non-profit organization’s Food Bags for the Elderly and Mentally Challenged program, individuals and groups in 15 South Georgia counties receive free food deliveries every month.

Co-executive directors Hew and Carolyn Lipscomb note that over 1620 food bags are delivered each month, in a route that covers a total of more than 900 miles. When the truck arrives at Perry Wellness Center, peers eagerly help unload the truck and bag the non-perishable foods that are delivered. Peers can then take home individual bags of food.

“It is fun to get other peers together to help unload and bag the food from these good people,” peer leader Rhonda Hubbard notes. In the photo above, Rhonda, left, along with Carlton Tooks and Willie Pryor assist Hew and Carolyn Lipscomb during their monthly food delivery.

Individuals wishing to make donations to Adventist Community Services of South Georgia can visit its website, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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