Fresh peasWe’re happy to report that fresh peas are now available at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Last week, Stuart Perry lined up local pea crops from choice past vendors.

“We must secure peas for Happy Patch Market,” Stuart explained. “Last year, we shelled and sold a record number of peas.”

As they come in, the first peas are being shelled, washed, and bagged for eager customers. With an eye (and ear) to better customer service, Stuart also noted, “With the non-stop action of two automatic pea shellers and the many peers who are hand-shelling, the confusion in our market was distracting to customers. We have relocated the processing activity to the pavilion area down the hill.”

The market’s inventory continues to grow with the first summer harvest of fresh vegetables – and it shows no sign of slowing down. “We are eager to be early providers of fresh vegetables from the gardens and fields of local producers,” Stuart assured.

In the photo above, peer leader Rhonda Hubbard joins Stuart Perry and peer Carlton Tookes in readying pea shellers for another busy season.

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