SBT cornFor many years, Perry Wellness Center founder Stuart Perry and wife Pam Perry have enjoyed many business friendships with employees of Sumter Bank and Trust. Recently, a unique moment of mutual support – along with a bit of entrepreneurship --was on display at the local banking institution.

It all started with a visit by Stuart to SB&T. In the course of a conversation there, he mentioned the availability of Chase Farm corn at the market. Immediately, banker Tammy Duke spread the word to other associates, and they were all ears (sorry!). Orders began flying. When Stuart left the bank, he called the market to arrange for delivery of 9 dozen ears of fresh corn. On his arrival back at the campus, he strategically increased the delivery order to 10 dozen.

Peer Rhonda Hubbard accompanied the delivery and was in charge of collecting payment. A longtime observer of Stuart’s business style, Rhonda mentioned that another dozen ears of corn had been added, with no expectation that they would be returned unpurchased. With a smile, she encouraged bank president Barry Blount to purchase the extra ears of corn.

“We cannot take it back to Perry Wellness Center,” Rhonda declared. “That would make Stuart Perry mad!” Needless to say, the entire delivery was soon sold, and Rhonda returned with only a plump money bag.

Yes, it’s a corny story! – But we love small town life and all the friends we make along the way.

In the photo above, Barry Blount, Tami Duke and Debbie Ansley accept a special delivery from Perry Wellness Center’s Rhonda Hubbard.

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