Broken armPhysical fitness is important for participants in a recovery program such as Perry Wellness Center. To achieve optimal fitness, peers stay involved in physical activity throughout the day, including exercise and team sports.

However, too vigorous exercise can sometimes either cause health problems or slow down recovery from them. For example, aggressive team play at volleyball can lead to falls and other accidents. Or someone engaging in strenuous exercise can put too much stress on an existing injury.

To prevent problems, Perry Wellness Center staff monitor all physical activities, encourage moderate and safe workouts, and offer advice to peers to help them avoid medical issues.

For example, peer Carlton Tookes recently suffered a broken right arm. He now sports a colorful cast on the injured limb. Staff counselor Noah Cochran has reviewed proper protection and physical limitations of the arm while it is healing. He particularly reminded Carlton not to over-exert the arm.

“Healing does take time,” Noah notes. “We all need to be aware of proper protection for such injuries. I am sure that Carlton will be back in volleyball competition in the coming weeks.”

In the photo above, Noah Cochran autographs Carlton Tookes’ new arm cast.

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