SCELCAs we’ve shared before, for several years Perry Wellness Center has been a sort of partner in education with Sarah Cobb Elementary School in Americus. The school has allowed us to have peers speak to students about the importance of early learning and has also provided books and workbooks for literacy efforts with our peers. In turn, we have donated used computer printer cartridges to the school. After being redeemed, the proceeds have gone toward art supplies at the elementary school.

Changes have come to Sarah Cobb Elementary School this fall. Now known as the Sumter County Early Learning Center (SCELC), the school has undergone restructuring, along with most other Sumter County schools. It is providing education to the system’s Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

Principal Dr. Lezley Anderson and Assistant Principal Jason Reese welcome students, parents, and the community as graciously as in past decades. No changes there! And Perry Wellness Center continues its commitment to supporting the education of children in Sumter County through work with this facility – including ongoing delivery of used cartridges.

“It is fun to partner with our schools and assist them in purchasing needed art and curriculum supplies. Education is vital for the future,” says Mulkey McMichael, the center’s director of public relations. As a former art teacher in the system, he takes a special interest in furthering the arts with young people.

The teachers and students of the new SCELC are embracing the school’s superhero theme this fall: “We’re Teaching and Learning! What’s Your Superpower?” Creative expression can be a powerful superpower, and Perry Wellness Center is glad to help out all the budding superheroes we can! 

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