Wagon wheelsIt’s great to report that Rudy’s Happy Patch Market has had a record year of sales. We can tell this not only by looking in our market accounts, but by checking the tires on our wagons! Before you scratch your head, allow us to explain:

Perry Wellness Center purchased several tongue-type wagons to allow for hauling of produce from delivery trucks to the market. The five wagons have been put into regular use, and the increased shelling of peas and butter beans this season has increased wear on the wagons.

During a recent delivery of six bushels of peas to the site of the barrel pea shellers, two alert peers realized that the wagon tires had become under-inflated, Peers Jantwan Twiggs and Awan Smith located a tire inflator and quickly corrected the problem.

“That will help, and I hope it will be enough for the rest of the season,” Awan noted. Perhaps we’ll need to add “kicking the tires” to our routine campus maintenance activities. We have no complaints, as we are grateful for the wonderful community response that keeps these wagons rolling!

In the photo, Jantwan Twiggs, in foreground, and Awan Smith check the tire pressure on the wagons at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. 

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