Basketball seasonAn emphasis on total wellness is a cornerstone of a behavioral health recovery program, and Perry Wellness Center is no exception.

Food is served each day to provide healthy, low-fat meals for all peers. Physical health is monitored by Charlene Hayes, RN, whose regular presence insures better illness and disease prevention, as well as recognition of warning signs, from obesity to hypertension.

Exercise and athletic activities, both individual and team, are daily ways to improve health and vigor. As cooler weather rolls in, the “round ball” is more in play. Basketball competition is fierce as team members prepare for any upcoming competitions that Stuart Perry may schedule.

Staff members appreciate the value of the sport in improving eye/hand coordination and overall agility, as well as encouraging teamwork.

“It really is perfect weather for team sport,” says Noah Cochran, staff counselor and group learning facilitator. “We all enjoy the team concept as we improve peer camaraderie with new peers that now attend Perry Wellness Center.”

In the photo above, peers play basketball at the future site of a classroom building expansion.

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