Wood collectionEven though the recent ever-changing weather has not yet included a true cold snap, Perry Wellness Center is preparing for chilly days ahead.

On cold mornings, peers enjoy huddling around a roaring fire at the large fire pit. So Stuart Perry is leading the effort to collect sufficient firewood on campus to stoke the coming fires.

“I know the chill of winter is not yet upon us,” Stuart acknowledged. “But last week’s cooler temperatures were an indication that we must be ready. We’ll use this time to prepare for that day.”

Older and broken pallets are gathered and stacked in a unique fire box, designed by Jeff Williams. There they await nail removal and cutting down for use as fire starters. With the increased construction on campus, all salvageable boards ends and other reusable wood will be put to use during the colder months.

“I have to be sure that we don’t leave all of this wood by the pit,” Stuart said with a laugh. “It is tempting to use the wood for more than a fire starter. I want to save it in a suitable place.”

In the photo above, Malcolm Johnson, Tommy Green, and Carlton Tookes carefully disassemble broken pallets near the central fire pit.

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