Brittany McCumberAt a center such as ours, everyone has a story to tell about recovery. Whether it is recovery from mental health challenges, alcohol or drug abuse (as well as physical health problems for many), individuals search for stability and greater meaning in their lives through commitment to their own recovery.

Because Perry Wellness Center is a peer-centered program, a great many of our staff members also are on their own continuing journeys of recovery. One such individual is Brittany McCumber, a Certified Addiction Counselor who is open to sharing your personal story with others. Whether in Double Trouble recovery groups or in general conversation with others, Brittany shares the story of how her faith contributed to her recovery from substance abuse.

“In November of this year, I will mark my anniversary of three years of recovery from alcohol and drugs,” Brittany shares. “My new dependence and faith in my personal God, daily spiritual maintenance through working my 12-step program, and working with others in recovery have been the key to my improved days.”

The fast-paced staff member is eager to tell others the story of how her life expectations changed through her faith in God. “My God is a new and exciting God,” Brittany explains. “When I was younger, I knew of God and His greatness. After my near death experiences with alcohol, I realized that my God was more caring and took time to heal me and love me as an individual.”

She is also a true believer in the individuality of other people, their paths to recovery, and their own personal beliefs. “I once uttered generic prayers of thanksgiving and requests for my coming day,” Brittany recalls. “In my recovery, my God is more real. He is the God of my understanding and might wear jeans, have a moustache, have long hair or possess visual qualities that I can feel and believe. Still, God is REAL and good to me, and I ask for His help to do His will through love every day.” The young woman’s face is radiant as she describes how she personalizes the concept of God in her life.

Brittany makes clear that her recovery is her own responsibility, even as her substance abuse was. She notes that her parents have never had any problem with supporting her recovery. “My mom and dad are great and very supportive,” she says. “The have researched steps in my recovery and have been a foundation for me. Mom and Dad have also been a gift from God, and I appreciate them,” she shares.

At her most recent group session, the addiction counselor shared thoughts from a topical support book concerning recovery, “one day at a time.” Brittany concludes, “It is vital that I seek input from several sources. I will do all I can for spiritual maintenance.”

We are lucky that this dedicated young woman’s own path of recovery provides such inspiration to the many peers at Perry Wellness Center. Thanks for all you do, Brittany!

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