Peer trainingLast month, three employees of Perry Wellness Center had a special training experience. Along with 30 other trainees from around the state of Georgia, April Owen, Ronald Boykin, and Amber Mimlitsch-Rovic were selected to receive Certified Peer Specialist training. The training, which stretched between September 14 and September 24, was held at the Wingate Hotel in Albany, Georgia.

Trainer Ike Powell informed the group that the 40-plus chapter workbook they would study was put together to help individuals overcome catastrophic loss and trauma. The information provided could help persons not only dealing with mental illness or drug addiction, but anyone who had problems coping with loss.

Certified Peer Specialist trainees are eligible to participate if they have a history of mental illness or substance abuse themselves. Throughout the two-week training, all 42 participants had the opportunity to share their personal recovery stories, as well as study and discuss information in the workbook. PWC participants April, Ronald, and Amber agreed that the training was an enriching and liberating experience. They were struck by how widespread the training program is and how relevant it is to the peers they currently serve.

The training was designed to teach trainees learn to help peers discover for themselves they lives they want to create for themselves as they overcome catastrophic loss. Participants were also trained in the practical matters of writing more goal-specific notes and to better understand the agencies that they were hired to represent around the state.

After undergoing this critical part of their training, April, Ronald, and Amber are set to take their exam this month to become Certified Peer Specialists. Good luck to everyone!

In the photo, Ronald Boykin, Amber Mimlitsch-Rovic, and April Owens prepare for departure to training in Albany, Georgia.

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