Buena Vista paradeWhen Perry Wellness Center peer Kaylon Holt first learned of the many activities planned for the Rural America celebration in Buena Vista, Georgia, he began his own plans to become involved with the event.

Kaylon is the young man whose story we have frequently shared with readers. In addition to being an avid runner and sports enthusiast, he is also our champion pop top collector for an area non-profit, Ronald McDonald Charities of West Georgia, Inc.

“I wanted to run in the early morning race and then be in the parade to thank citizens of Buena Vista and Marion County for their ongoing donations of pop tops,” Kaylon explained. From these initial thoughts, a plan fell into place.

Kaylon quickly made contact with the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus and secured their assistance with his parade car. “I really wanted the Ronald McDonald character, but it cost to rent it and pay for the person inside the costume,” Kaylon noted. “Instead, Mrs. Melody Moran of the Ronald McDonald house offered to have banners printed to decorate the Corvette of my first cousin, Sabrina Williams.”

After Kaylon realized that he would not have time to participate in both the morning race and the parade ride, he elected to drop out of the race so that he could share his thanks at the parade. After the parade ended, Kaylon continued his mission, presenting information and thank you cards to parade viewers and passers-by.

“I felt like I needed to thank the people of Buena Vista and Marion County and others for their help in my first goal of 500,000 pop tops,” Kaylon said. “I have already delivered 370,000 pop tabs and have several more for the Ronald McDonald House. Every week, more are coming in. I would love to collect one million pop tabs!” he concluded with a smile.

And we have no doubt you will, Kaylon!

In the above photo, Kaylon Holt takes his place in the Rural America parade in Buena Vista, Georgia, atop his cousin’s Corvette. His car’s poster reads: “Kaylon Holt and Perry Wellness Center collecting pop tabs by the million to help ‘Keep Families Close’ at Ronald McDonald House Charities of West Georgia, Inc.Columbus, Georgia – perrywellnesscenter.com. -- RMHCWGA.org.”

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