Art departmentAs we have previously shared, Perry Wellness Center is in the process of establishing a more structured art program on campus. Several of the peers who attend PWC have a great enjoyment of painting, drawing, or other artwork. Additionally, we believe that creative expression through art creation is a beneficial part of a wellness program.

To help us create a plan of action, the beginning art class at Perry Wellness Center recently visited the Art Department at Georgia Southwestern State University. Professor Keaton Wynn welcomed students to the creative space. As the group met on a Friday, when students are not in class, our host took the opportunity to share all aspects of the art programs available at the local university.

Peers toured classroom displays of drawing and painting, then ventured into the pottery and glass blowing studios. Watching pottery and glass art being created is an exciting experience. Professor Wynn demonstrated the art of making pottery, beginning with a ball of clay, then demonstrating the hand motions that soon turned the clay into a unique pottery design. He then cut the pot in half to show the thickness of the clay walls.

“It is important to let the hands communicate as you work,” Professor Wynn explained. “You must be patient and learn by doing. We cannot destroy our first pottery creations. An artistic ‘throw’ will take time. We only reclaim the clay and reuse it on another trial.” In addition to providing a lesson in the artistic process, his words also served as a reminder that success can come from rebuilding from failure.

In the glass blowing studio, Professor Wynn demonstrated all aspects of this art medium, from gathering the molten glass to shaping it through breath and tools. “Molten glass is hot and must be respected,” he emphasized.

“I want, one day, to see you students in a pottery or glass blowing class,” Professor Wynn concluded. “Have confidence in your talents. You have begun a new and creative effort at Perry Wellness Center. Good for you!”

Our thanks to Professor Keaton Wynn and Georgia Southwestern State University for providing an inspiring lesson in art and life. Several of the students were so inspired that they are now discussing future enrollment at the university.

In the photo above, art professor Keaton Wynn demonstrates glass blowing procedures to: Javin, Nekia, Shanesha, Dallas, staff member Phyllis Smith, Rhonda, and, seated, Jamacia.

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