Javin and Jeff 2We’ve shared with our readers before the story of Javin Baker, a creative young peer at Perry Wellness Center who is a talented writer and artist. Encouraged by his mentor, Jeff Williams, a talented artist in his own right, Javin has created books and illustrations that he has shared with friends, peers, and staff. Jeff has encouraged the young artist and provided technical advice along the way.

It is said that most artists have a muse, or creative inspiration, who inspires their creativity. In Javin’s case, his muse is actually a creature of his own imagination, “Kris.” Kris serves as a sort of alter ego for Javin and helps him work out solutions to problems and resolve conflicts. Javin created this imaginary friend about 14 months ago, as he began a creative journey.

“Kris is my friend, my partner, and sometimes acts as my father,” Javin explains. “Kris leads me to think about exploratory thoughts.”

Javin and Kris’ explorations have been featured in a first book of both text and illustrations. Javin has also depicted some of the internal struggles of Kris and himself on a wall mural of the Perry Wellness center education center. The mural has been the focus of many discussions with other peers and staff, a process that also helps Javin resolve outstanding issues.

As the character of Kris has matured, so has Javin. His creative process has become more sophisticated, as he thinks beyond the single book format with which he started. He now uses electronic communications to share his message of exploration and recovery, completing electronic chapters on a regular basis.

“The simple art illustration and story script in my single book was a good beginning,” Javin says. “Now, I enjoy responding to y many readers of my computer entries each day.”

Javin openly shares his strong faith and tells admirers of his work that he has been blessed to use his creativity since the age of four. Now at the age of 21, Javin is excited about the broader audience for his work, as well as its broader acceptance.

As he thinks about his future, Javin sees other avenues opening each day. He gives the center credit for much of his growth.

“Perry Wellness Center has been a great exploration site for the many phases of mental illness recovery and examination of fellow peer’s thoughts,” Javin reflects. “I will continue to talk with my friends and ‘Kris,’ and I will share more resolution to the many conflicts in our daily lives.”

Now, much of the eager electronic arts student’s work will be available for the public to see on the website wattpad.com. We encourage our readers to check out this interesting site that showcases a variety of writers’ works. Just search under “Javin Baker,” after creating a free account or logging in through Facebook.

In the photo above, Javin Baker poses with Jeff Williams and his first sketch and writing books.

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