Brita HobbsThe saga of peer Kaylon Holt. Kaylon, as you will recall, is the dedicated young man who has collected or spearheaded the collection of hundreds of thousands of pop tops for donation to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, GA. As record holder for achieving the largest individual collection in such a short time period, others are joining in to provide support for Kaylon and his cause.

On a recent morning, Brita Hobbs, a sketch artist, made a regular visit to Perry Wellness Center. She has been volunteering her time on campus in order to capture the faces of peers and offer encouragement to them. Upon her most recent arrival, Kaylon spotted her truck, whose bed was covered with many aluminum cans.

“Floyd, my husband, has been collecting aluminum cans for a long time,” the artist explained. “I was in his truck today and a ‘God-wink’ led Kaylon to see the cans.” Before she left the campus, she assisted Kaylon in a team effort of pop top removal.

“Please spread the word for me,” Kaylon asked. “I have been doing this for 14 months, and I am not sure where I want to be.”

“I will broadcast the project at my church and put this on Facebook,” Miss Brita assured him. She noted that the had not visited our website lately, so she would check on his progress here.

Thanks for all you do, Brita Hobbs!

In the above photo, Brita Hobbs and Kaylon Holt remove several hundred pop tops for his growing collection.

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