Phoenix Center visitLast week, Perry Wellness Center was delighted to welcome three administrative leaders from the Phoenix Center Community Services Board. This comprehensive service program provides mental health, developmental disability, and addictive disease services to individuals in the Warner Robins area.

After a campus tour by Rhonda Hubbard, the group was welcomed by peer Katherine Jackson, who shared her recently written poem of faith. Then Phoenix Center Executive Director Deborah M. Kinlaw, Board member Rev. Ken Pritchard, and Chief Financial Officer Mike Fowler joined Stuart on the classroom building’s front porch for a cordial and information-filled discussion. Because the two programs have experienced similar problems and successes, Stuart was eager to share the history of Perry Wellness Center, its growing number of therapeutic programs, and its community of peers.

“As in my meeting with Mr. Frank Berry, Georgia Commissioner of Mental Health, these friends were aware of the scope and state requirements for helping the mentally ill and persons recovering from substance abuse,” Stuart noted.

“I want to help more and provide services to others in Georgia,” Stuart continued. “We have plans for other sites in Georgia. But I first must be sure that we have met all requirements – they now change more often since our creation of Perry Wellness Center.”

Throughout the visit, the Warner Robins group listened closely and offered comments on improvement suggestions. After the tour and discussion, the group enjoyed a lunch of market-fresh vegetables and pork chops, along with dialog with center peers.

After shopping at Happy Patch Market, the group headed back to Warner Robins. “It was a learning experienced for all of us,” Stuart concluded. “It was a fun morning!”

In the photo above, left to right, lead PWC guide Rhonda Hubbard welcomes Phoenix Center CEO Deborah M. Kinlaw, LCSW, Board member Rev. Ken Pritchard, PWC founder Stuart Perry, Katherine Jackson, and, back row, CFO Mike Fowler.

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