Peer Christmas partyEveryone is still comparing notes and sharing photos of the Christmas holidays. We wanted to do the same for Perry Wellness Center. Today we’ll share the story of our peer Christmas party, and later this week, we’ll tell you more about our staff party.

First of all, we hope that all our readers had a happy and safe Christmas! The Perry Wellness Center family certainly did. At the end of this year, we are serving 74 peers and have 30 staff members and administrators. Our family has definitely grown! Like all families, our peer family enjoys getting together for times of celebration and fellowship.

Last week, we had a Christmas luncheon for all peers. Plates were filled with tasty, homegrown vegetables and meats. Mrs. Essie Fulks coordinated gift sharing for peers. She described the challenge:

“This could have been a confusing time with all the excitement. Perry Wellness Center is ‘peer-run,’ and they decided on the gift exchange. Some 34 clients wanted to participate. Each spent a maximum of $10 on their gift. They brought it to me this week. It had the name of the purchaser and the name of the friend who was to receive the gift. Before the clients enjoyed their meal, I called the name of the peer who purchased the gift. They then came forward and presented the gift to their friend.” Mrs. Fulks concluded, “We see more and more peers really enjoying selection and presentation of themselves and their gifts to friends. I know our groups on sharing and friendship have been working!”

Before the gift presentation, Rev. Ron Boynkin read the Christmas story from the Bible, and Pam Perry again shared her poem, “Just a Little Donkey,” that we posted last week. Immediately after the gift presentation, peers enjoyed the freshly prepared meal, along with fellowship and hugs of appreciation from other peers and staff alike. Stuart and Pam Perry offered words of appreciation to the group.

In the photo above, the Perry Wellness Center cafeteria is filled with excitement and holiday spirits as peers enjoy their Christmas luncheon.

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