The BellsAt Perry Wellness Center, our peers come from a variety of backgrounds and arrive with diverse interests. However diverse they may be, they quickly become part of the program’s family.

Two members, however, already arrived as family – literally! Daisy and Robert Bell are the only married couple who attend our recovery center. Married for 41 years, the couple resides in Americus. They are the parents of two adult children who live in Atlanta and Tennessee.

“We do not get to see our kids as often as we would like,” Daisy says, “But our family is also at Perry Wellness Center.” The long-time peer member enjoys staying busy throughout the day, noting,  “I like working with my hands and having something creative to do each day.”

As people who like to keep occupied, the couple had some concern initially about the growing number of individuals enrolling at the center. “We have talked and were worried about Stuart trying to find work and activity for all the peers,” continued Mrs. Bell. The two were assured that there would no lack of activities for all peers. A typical day at the center involves a combination of classes, discussion and support groups, sports or exercise, meals, chores, and creative outlets.

Mulkey McMichael provided some of the assurance: “I know that spring and summer are busier for peers with the planting and gardening, but the cooler months also have chores to be done. Believe me, Stuart will find jobs for all.”

The couple also shared information about their personal interests. An avid needle worker, Daisy Bell enjoys knitting and crocheting her handmade creations. “I try to never be bored and practice my creativity and hands-on skill,” she explains. “It works my mind as I count rows and keeps the edges of my work all together.”

Robert Bell discussed their feline “kids” at home. “We enjoy Smokey, our cat,” he shared. “He is great company.” While living in Americus, the couple has relocated on several occasions, but Smokey always accompanies the Bells.

With no complaints offered about Perry Wellness Center, their only relevant concerns is the health of founder Stuart Perry—and his ability to create jobs!

In the photo above, the Bells sit together in conversation about a recent group.

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