PotholderAs our various arts and crafts classes are expanding to increase peer learning and skills, those peers who have a history of yarn work have the opportunity to enjoy new challenges. The program grows under the leadership of Jeff Williams, Vangie Perry, and Mulkey McMichael. To broaden skills, they have planned to provide more three-dimensional creative activities such as pottery.

“Now we are trying to create different classroom area to provide smaller classes with more intensive instruction,” Perry Wellnes Center founder Stuart Perry explains. “We have some talented leadership on our campus, and each offers skills that we hope our peers can learn and enjoy.”

Projects have been selected to intensify skills in counting, color planning, and reading the proper instructions to complete the project. Creation kits have also been purchased for individual learning sessions. With the introduction of new creative challenges, initial instruction is vital. With the proper foundation, peers will learn proper construction techniques and the satisfaction of a well-completed project.

Laurie Slaton is a talented weaver who is now creating her first potholder. “I have done some weaving and wall hangings in the past, but this is more fun,” Laurie notes. She has learned many related skills during her time at the center. As a resident of Mauk, Georgia, she has the distinction of being the northernmost peer attending PWC, but creative opportunities help make the trip worthwhile.

We look forward to a year of even more creativity at Perry Wellness Center.

In the photo above, Laurie Slaton works on her new potholder craft project.


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