Rhonda Hubbard 2016During the winter months at Perry Wellness Center, the activity level is somewhat reduced. But peer leadership is even more important during less active times, in order to keep peers engaged. Our secret weapon is peer Rhonda Hubbard, whom we long ago designated as our official campus hostess. Not only is she quick to graciously welcome visitors at the center and market each day, she is also an asset for other peers.

Rhonda reminds peers each day about winter chores that must be completed. “I know the weather is colder during January,” Rhonda explains, “But we must get ready for the warmer months and increased activity at Perry Wellness Center. “

The friendly peer acknowledges that her own favorite activity is greeting visitors to the center. “I love to lead visitors on our campus!” she exclaims. Looking ahead, Rhonda notes, “I expect Sheriff Pete Smith and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter to make a visit this spring.” She is proud that whenever Mrs. Carter visits the campus, she requests Rhonda as her guide, and she has developed a close relationship with the Sumter County sheriff as well. “I like to welcome anyone to our campus, but Mrs. Carter and Pete Smith are special,” she concludes with a grin.

In the photo above, Rhonda Hubbard finds time to befriend a goose that was used on the PWC float in a recent Christmas parade. Ever the humorist, Rhonda comments, “I guess the other geese have flown south for the winter, so I guess this one goose will be my friend for the winter!”

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