Core body routinePhysical activity is an important feature of any wellness program, but the colder weather can make keeping in shape more difficult. To combat the tendency toward inactivity, we have increased our focus on daily core exercises. Such exercises are designed to strengthen one’s abdominal core, which affects the strength and health of the entire body.

In several rooms at Perry Wellness Center, exercise mats are spread out for both personal and team exercises. As peers observe new and different exercises – and how fun they can be, they often join in with more experienced peers. The new exercise format is then explained and shared with questioning peers.

New this morning was the introduction of the “ab lift.” Several peers are now checking out the newest way to stay warm and healthy. Each peer who has been cleared to exercise is coached in how to do the exercise correctly and the best number of reps to attempt each day. They are also reminded of possible temporary abdominal pain, as underworked muscles accustom themselves to greater activity.

In the photo above, Tyshaun Thomas, standing, and Carlton Tookes, prone on the exercise mat, practice teamwork as they undertake a newly learned workout procedure.

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