Shanora RobinsonIn the continuing saga of winter campus maintenance, we want to assure our readers that Hope Park remains – hopeful, during these frequent cold spells. The centerpiece of our vibrant campus, the park and its many water features require their own seasonal care and monitoring. Our winter maintenance includes monitoring of our large fountain’s water level. Peer Shanora Robinson, pictured above, makes this a Monday morning task.

And an important task it is. The sound of falling water is a calming influence on both peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center, and Hope Park was designed to utilize the sound of flowing water. Four fountains and brooklets work their magic throughout the park year round.

The construction of these popular fixtures involved a great deal of planning and coordination. For the large fountain—our first on-campus construction, massive components were donated for its construction, and an aerial hoist was used to secure its completion.

The area in which the fountain stands was named Hope Park, in tribute to the future or continued recovery of all who attended the center. Today its features include a koi pond, arbor, pavilions, winding paths, and lots of greenways.

With planned expansion of Perry Wellness Center underway, additional water features and spots to pause will be assured. As they are today, they will be enjoyed throughout the seasons of the year.

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