Pain solutionThe following information may seem a bit off-topic for a behavioral health recovery center. But we think it illustrates the sharing that takes place among peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center. Everybody is always willing to pitch in to help find solutions!

Recently, several staff and peers – Essie Fulkes, Chloe Milsap, Chelsea Hodges, and Essie Waters were comparing notes about foot and hand pain. The discussion turned to remedies that had been proven in years past. At that point, Mulkey McMichael overheard the discussion and offered up a proven remedy used by his mother for over 20 years for her crippling rheumatoid arthritis.

The solution? Melted paraffin wax. Mulkey shared that his mother melted paraffin wax in a 12-inch enameled pan. She then coated her hands with the melted wax, sat back, and watched television. After the wax had hardened, it was returned to the pan for future re-melting.

“My mother was a champ and never complained about the pain of her arthritis,” Mulkey noted. “She discovered this paraffin procedure, and it left her painless for a while.”

The discussion generated some interest in trying out this method today. Mulkey began the search for paraffin in Americus. Finding a block of paraffin was easier said than done, and many younger sales associates at local stores had no idea what he was talking about when he made inquiries. Finally, Mulkey found An older associate at WalMart who was aware of the melted paraffin technique and led him to an aisle in the food/canning section of the store.

Mulkey purchased two l-lb. blocks of paraffin wax for $3.14 each. When he returned to Perry Wellness Center, he learned that a wax-melting device had been located. Mulkey is now planning to use his mother’s paraffin melting technique to address his own foot pain. After his “experiment” is conducted, Mulkey will set up a discovery/information sharing group to discuss his results with interested peers and staff. If his efforts are successful, he hopes that the wax-melting device will be used by peers in the future as a low-tech, old-fashioned remedy.

In the photo above, Essie Fulks, Chloe Milsap, Chelsey Hodges, and, seated, Essie Waters, examine the newly discovered paraffin melting device and plan for future pain relief.

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