Spring plants 2016Yes, we know it’s not spring yet, but that hasn’t stopped us from making our first order of plants for the season.

“I know that some might suggests that it is too early for plants, explains Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “But we have already had customers question their availability. Some customers want to be the first to hang healthy ferns on their porches. The season will again be good, and we want to be ready.”

In readiness for the first shipment of mature plants from Charlie Stevens’ greenhouses in Cobb, all the heaters and water supply lines of the campus greenhouses were checked. They includes our two most recent constructions. As young plants prepare to grow in them, the recently shipped plants will give the market a “jump start” on the season.

“I love plants and the promise they bring of a new day after our colder ones,” Stuart observed. The recent cold snaps have provided many opportunities for looking forward to the brilliant colors of spring.

“I suppose I get the love of plants from my parents,” Stuart continued. “Both of them loved color, and Mother had greenhouses behind our house in Buena Vista. It was a cheerful place, and Mother worked hard to cultivate the ferns and bedding plants to sell at our Chevron station in Buena Vista and behind our house. That was a fun time,” he concluded.

We look forward to many more fun times of plant growing and selling this spring!

In the photo above, Stuart Perry, left, and several peers greet the early morning as they unload the first shipment of plants for the 2016 season at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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