Sudennia BillingsleyThe warmer weather is bringing people outdoors at Perry Wellness Center, and many can be found tending to the growing things on campus. One such individual is peer Sudennia Billingsley. As one of the people assigned to help out at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, Sudennia is involved with activities to ensure our readiness for the spring market. One of her tasks is tending to young plants.

“The warm sun feels great on my back, and I enjoy my work with small plants,” the hard-working peer notes. “I want them to be free of brown leaves.” She wants to be sure that each plant has a chance to sprout forth as a welcome spot of color on a future customer’s porch or In a sunny flower bed.

Sudennia joins the staff of Perry Wellness Center in inviting customers to the market in the next few weeks, to be some of the first to take advantage of the wide assortment of spring plants

In the photo above, Sudennia Billingsley tenderly cleans the leaves of small plants on the front market display table.

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