Strategic Plantings Welcome Market Visitors

Strategic PlantingsAs the winter season ebbs, only a few sticks of cut firewood remain at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. A current challenge is to ensure visitors that the market is not similarly lacking spring plants.

The plan is underway to place large pots of blooming plants at strategic spots along the campus’ many walkways and display areas. Color already greets visitors to the many greenhouses, filled with daisies, fern baskets, and bedding plants. However, the growing abundance of plants has not been so visible to the customer who doesn’t venture past the market.

Notes market manager Phyllis Smith, “Some may thing that we are early with our plant offerings. But we have already had first-customer sales at the market.”

Several peers who have already been trained in plant propagation and planter decoration, are trying now to competitively excel in the design of their respective pots. The difference their efforts have already made is striking.

In the photo above, Debra Danielly begins the placement of the first of her colorful plant selections in a planting market near te market. “I know how pretty our corner is during the spring and summer,” Debra says. “I only want to be a part of this color!”

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