WHAM sportsBy now our readers all know how much a part of Perry Wellness Center our focus on physical fitness is. It’s all part of our commitment to total wellness – both mind and body.

Individual and team sports are a favorite way to achieve better physical fitness. On campus, these activities include volleyball, running and walking, tennis, competitive weight lifting, and basketball. Sports activities promote everything from eye-hand coordination to greater strength, balance, and flexibility, and good teamwork.

Our Whole Health Action Management (W.H.A.M.) program incorporates sports activities as part of peers’ overall treatment plans. The program provides a focus on physical activity, proper nutrition, and mental wellness.

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains, “We try to offer all sports to our peers with staff leadership We hope to reach every possible muscle – and mental need – of our peers.”

Many peers have discovered the joy in regular exercise and sports participation and pursue healthy activity outside of PWC. For example, several peers have entered area running competitions and placed quite well!

In the photo above, a bit of friendly competitiveness is demonstrated in a vigorous game of basketball on the asphalt court at Perry Wellness Center.

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