Sherry RobinsonWhile many of the peers at Perry Wellness Center have been part of the group for some time, it is always nice to welcome new members and learn from their ideas. At a recent early morning current events discussion group, our newest member of the peer community was welcomed. Sherry Robinson shared the story of her initial discovery of the recovery program and how she made the decision to join.

“I had heard about Perry Wellness Center through my niece, a peer here at the center,” she explained. “I have visited in the past to see her. When my time at New Beginnings [a substance abuse treatment program] ended, I lost no time in coming to Perry Wellness Center. After only a few hours, I am very pleased with my choice.”

Sherry continued to share her recovery story with the assembled group. “We must not judge others,” she said. “Any time we change our location, we must sit back and observe what may become our new locale. I say that we must ‘ get in where we fit in’ and seek to learn from others and not be too loud and advise others until we hear their problems and who they are. I know many here but want to only share life stories and help all of us.”

Next, the new peer member shared her thoughts about center staff and the caring attitude that prevails. “I knew Stuart at New Beginnings when he was an early leader in his mission to help people with mental health issues. I am happy to see where those past days have led him,” she noted with a smile.

Sherry says she vows to make continued positive changes in her life. She shared the importance of learning those she really liked to be around. While being kind to others, she thinks she must increase her awareness of the potential for problems with some people.

“I have had my time with drugs and alcohol,” she explained. “I can talk about those issues but want to have small group discussions on what we must do to make our days better as we recover.”

Sherry concluded, “Only with God’s help and daily awareness of His goodness is recovery possible.”

Thanks, Sherry, for being willing to speak out and share your thoughts with all of us!

In the photo above, Sherry Robinson shares a smile along with her thoughts for a positive future at Perry Wellness Center.

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