Spring market 1As spring progresses, so does the activity level at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. The recent delivery of flowers from several area vendors provides an infusion of new colors and plant varieties on campus.

Phyllis Smith, our dedicated market manager, commented: “Rudy’s Happy Patch Market is exciting! The increase of customer traffic is wonderful. With the coming season of vegetables, we look for another successful season.”

Spring market 2As long-term weather predications are not always known for their accuracy, precautions are routinely taken to protect and maintain healthy plants throughout the campus. Protecting the plants is a matter of environmental concern and love of natural beauty. It is also meant to protect one of our non-profit center’s major sources of income and a critical part of our wellness program.

“Our spring and summer market are a great part of our revenue for the year,” PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry explained. “Also, as the vegetables arrive, we can use these fresh products in our wellness program (the Whole Health Action Management or W.H.A.M. plan). Our peers and staff eat more healthily.”

Spring market 3Stuart and his fellow staff members invite visitors to stop by the market on the Perry Wellness Center campus at 302 East Furlow Street. “We welcome customers and assure them that they will ‘leave with a smile,’” he shared.

As the photos above attest, plants are healthy and in vivid color throughout the Perry Wellness Center campus.

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